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We use them to cover the costs of running the website. For transparency you can see all the costs that the osekai website itself produced below.

We do want to provide all our services for free. The only 'advantage' you get from donating, is a little ❤ on your name when commenting, but similar things might be added in the future.

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covered costs: 62.00€/62.00€


Rank Name Amount Date (most recent)
1 vexAkita 51.31€ 21.05.2020
2 Mr HeliX 10.00€ 25.04.2020
3 Remyria 0.69€ 13.05.2020
Total: 62.00€


Amount Reason Date
48.00€ Strato (Host) yearly domain costs. Taxes included. 2020-05-03
2.00€ Strato Domain Registration (charged once). Taxes included. Divided by 5 to only include the costs for osekai. 2019-05-02
12.00€ Strato (host) yearly domain costs (With first year discount). Taxes included. 2019-05-02
Total: 62.00€