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Osekai Profiles

Osekai Profiles is an easy way to view all your osu! statistics! From all-mode stats, to your medal history, any yet to be achieved medals you may have, and more!

Keep track of your achievements and goals using our Goals feature, and map out your osu! past with our Timeline!

Create yourself a one-of-a-kind user banner, and attach it onto your osu! Profile. Osekai Profiles is filled with cool features, click here to check it out!

We're on Bluesky!

Check out our official Osekai Bluesky account!

Osekai is Open Source!

Check out our GitHub repository, and maybe even contribute to the project!

Support us!

We're just a small team, and by donating you help us keep the servers running and development going!


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Osekai FAQ!

Here you can find answers to common questions about Osekai. Select a question on the sidebar to your left to get started.

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