Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, but we can't collect every users data and keep that data fresh. This is both due to time consumption and not stressing osu! too much. So data on people with lower ranks will not be included on default. BUT we have good news for you: you can just head to the user page, enter your profile ID and it will be updated regularly. You can also do this if you are one of the people to get updated now so that if you leave the range of players that get updated you will still be updated.

For entering yourself as a member you need to give us your profile ID. This is so that we can automatically detect if your profile really exists and even if you change your name there won't be any problems. To find it just look at the link (url) in your browser when you go to your profile page and copy the number near the end of the link. (As seen in the picture below).

The top 10.000 of every gamemode will get updated every few weeks or worst-case months. The top 1.000 of 'important' rankings will get updated frequently (nearly daily). These rankings include: the Total PP Ranking, the Standard Deviated PP Ranking, The Medal User Ranking. The top 100 of the less important rankings will also get updated frequently. This includes the Badge Rankings and the Mapper rankings. The reason for this is that those don't change this much in a short time. Lastly every Members Data (see Users) will be updated frequently.

We're happy to hear that! :) You can head over to the medal hunter discord, there's a suggestion form. Alternatively you can message me in osu (either by pm or catch me when i'm online). But keep in mind that we are people too and have other stuff going on. We are not officially connected to osu! and we don't get any money. There is a donation link at the bottom of the page but that's only to pay for the website hosting costs. You can see all the donators there.

It's always nice to hear so many people are getting invested in this project. But sadly the stuff we deal with is mostly code-based and hard to share. It would be great if you telled your friends about this website though! I'm sure i'm speaking for everyone who helped with the development when i say it would be great to see more people being aware of this website :3

There are still minor additions and bug fixes that need to be done. People really have the wildest ideas and it feels like there's no end to it. For the most part this site is done though. Other than that just wait and see 8)

SPP is the short term for "Standard deviated PP". It is the ranking method all-mode players on their respective discord chose as their main ranking.
The formula is as follows: SPP = Standard + Mania + Ctb+ Taiko - 2 * STDEV.N
You can read about standard deviation here.

There aren't any extra rankings declared as such on this website. However: every ranking has a searchbar at the top, you can set the filter to "country" and type whatever your country is in there :D Usually you have to type in the full name. However, a few abbreviations work too. Such as: US, USA, UK, SK (because their full names are kinda long).

Of course not. Sadly we can't track the data of everyone as stated above. And we also don't have other means to get this rate. So it's just the rarity among all the players that we have tracked. As this means that it is calculated with the data of roughly 40.000 people it is a pretty good estimate, but since it's mostly the top 10.000 of each mode harder medals are a bit underestimated.

The name "Osekai" Comes from the rythm game osu! and the anime genre isekai. Isekai is also japanese and means "other world" / "different world". While i am not the biggest fan of isekai animes this website originally was intended for something else. I wanted to make a "team" for osu! with a website that hosts it's own leaderboards, minigames, community and much more. Kind of like a "different world" within osu! I still don't dislike the idea but maybe that's something for the not so near future. If you like the idea shoot me a message though and maybe i can leave a spot for you ;)

We marked the players that completed more than 90% of all existing medals. This was a wish by the medal hunter discord in order to better organize their discord roles.

Pink means that the user is in the global top 100 of players in those categories.