Medal Rarity Rankings for osu!

Total: 257
Rank Name Description Possessed by Gamemode
1   Unfathomable You have no equal. 0.00% osu
2   Mappers' Guild Pack IX This is no subtle change. 0.01% Any
3   Behind The Veil Supernatural! 0.01% mania
4   Mappers' Guild Pack VIII Succeed with a chorus of voices. 0.04% Any
5   Skylord Never miss a wingbeat. 0.04% osu
6   Not Bluffing Did that with my eyes closed. 0.05% osu
7   Chosen Reign among the Prometheans, where you belong. 0.11% osu
8   Mappers' Guild Pack VII A new set of vibrant challenges to overcome. 0.13% Any
9   Aeon In the mire of thawing time, memory shall be your guide. 0.20% Any
10   Mappers' Guild Pack VI Turn your superpower to hyperdrive! 0.20% Any
11   Mappers' Guild Pack V Invisible birdwatching. 0.20% Any
12   Camellia II Exit the atmosphere. 0.22% Any
13   Rin Two minds, and a house full of ghosts. 0.23% Any
14   ELFENSJoN A world all of your own. 0.24% Any
15   Cute Anime Girls Not to be confused with cute flambé grills. 0.27% Any
16   Cranky II Even crankier than before! 0.27% Any
17   Celldweller The end of an empire is no obstacle to you. 0.27% Any
18   Sound Souler Return color to your life. 0.27% Any
19   Mirage The horizon goes on forever, and ever, and ever... 0.28% Any
20   Teminite It's all about the state of mind. 0.28% Any
21   Ricky Montgomery All hook and sinker. 0.30% Any
22   Hyper Potions Gain 200 HP. 0.31% Any
23   LeaF Calamity was not in your fortune. 0.32% Any
24   PUP Finally, some closure. 0.33% Any
25   Kola Kid Remember, the Earth is counting on you. 0.34% Any
26   Camellia I This is the entrance to the jungle. 0.35% Any
27   S3RL You'll never get any of these out of your head. 0.37% Any
28   Panda Eyes Embrace the immortal flame. 0.37% Any
29   VINXIS Staying on track. 0.37% Any
30   Step Up A precipice rarely seen. 0.38% mania
31   Phantasm Fevered is your passion, extraordinary is your skill. 0.41% osu
32   Dashing Scarlet Speed beyond mortal reckoning. 0.46% fruits
33   Is This Real Life? You did NOT just pull that off. 0.62% osu
34   The Flashbulb Not merely incandescent. 0.64% Any
35   onumi There's a lot going on here. 0.69% Any
36   Afterparty Encore to the core. 0.70% Any
37   LukHash There's a ghost in this here machine. 0.71% Any
38   Carpool Tunnel Not to be confused with an injury common to top-end players and people who watch anime. 0.71% Any
39   Regicide A king no more. 0.75% Any
40   Creo Dashing geometrically to a beatmap near you. 0.75% Any
41   Ben Briggs Chiptunes, Pokemon, oh my! 0.75% Any
42   Wisp X Sunset and the moon. 0.76% Any
43   cYsmix Dead funky. For real. 0.82% Any
44   *namirin Five colors to make your world sing! 0.82% Any
45   Unstoppable Holy shit. 0.84% osu
46   Fractal Dreamers Shattered dreams and muted skies never sounded so good. 0.87% Any
47   Mappers' Guild Pack III Sunrise was the end of a very magical night for one very special girl. 0.90% Any
48   Undead Corporation Diversifying underground assets. Literally. 0.90% Any
49   Mappers' Guild Pack IV This freeway is a sensation and boy, does it love you! 0.91% Any
50   Imperial Circus Dead Decadence A little kite once sang me a song... 0.95% Any
Total: 257