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Before you submit this version, make sure you’ve deleted all config files.

These config files could contain your osu! login details, such as username and password. Please make sure you’ve removed these.

I have removed these files. I forgot! Let me go back.

If you accidentally submit a version with a config file, please contact an admin to get it removed immediately.

Submit a version!

Our team currently does not have much time to review submissions, which means we may take a few months to get to yours. We apologize for any inconvenience! Your submission is still highly appreciated, and we will get to it soon!

Version name

You can find this at the bottom of the options menu on most versions.

Version file

We need a ZIP of the version. You can upload one using an upload service such as Google Drive. Remember to delete your configs!

Version info

Just tell us a little bit about your version! This can be short or long, your choice!


Osekai Snapshots

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osekai snapshots

archiving osu! versions from 2007 to now!

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